Cgtech Vericut v7.1.4


Verification Simulate, verify, and analyze three axis milling, drilling, turning, mill/turn, and wire EDM tool paths. Machine Simulation Build and simulate CNC machines and controls to check for collisions. OptiPath Modify feed rates to make tool paths faster & more efficient. Model Export Export an "as-machined" model in IGES or STL format. Multi-Axis Simulate & verify four and five axis milling, drilling, turning, and combination mill/turn operations. Also supports simulation of synchronized and “pinch” turning operations where multiple channels/turrets are utilized. CNC Machine Probing Create probing sequences at any stage in the machining process. Reduce the potential for error by simulating probing operations and save money on probing equipment. Inspection Sequence Save time and improve accuracy by generating in-process inspection instructions and documentation from VERICUT’s simulated in-process machined features! (Included with the base Verification product.) VERICUT Reviewer The ultimate shop floor communication tool! Get all the functionality of NC Review mode in a stand-alone viewer that does not use a license. (Included with the base Verification product.) EDM Die Sinking Accurately simulate and verify EDM die sinking operations. Detect gouges, over/under burn, volume of material removed, contact area and electrode overlap. Supports multiple electrodes. (Included with the base Verification product.) AUTO-DIFF Detect differences between design model & VERICUT part. Perform constant gouge-checking. Cutter / Grinder Verification Verify multi-axis grinding operations. Features a simplified interface specifically for grinding. Cutter / Grinder Machine Simulation Simulate multi-axis cutter/grinder machining operations and check for collisions. CAD/CAM Interfaces Make verifying tool paths from within your CAD/CAM system easy and convenient. Model Interfaces Read designated model file formats and use them as stock, fixture, design, tool holder and machine models. When combined with Model Export, VERICUT’s cut stock may be written out in these formats as well. Composite Applications Machine-independent off-line programming and simulation software for CNC composite fabrication machinery. Drilling & Fastening VERICUT Drilling & Fastening (VDAF) is a software application for simulating and programming auto-drilling & fastening machines. VDAF is independent of both the machine and CAD system.


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