FTI Blanknest v5.0

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  • Freshtime:2006-12-02
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Drastic reduction of risk related to inaccurate material cost calculations; reduces supplier variation between estimate and actual costs from 25% to within 1-2% Process 50 times more quotes than manual calculations More accurate scrap estimates for material rebates The cheapest layout, and hence cost, based on manufacturing constraints, as well as tooling costs FEATURES: Best in Class user interface - for immediate productivity Multiple input formats - IGES, DXF (lines and arcs only) Flexible setup - Optional pitch, coil width, and blank angle constraints to match available equipment and product requirements Multiple Nesting layouts - Fully optimized one up, two up, and standard blank shape nesting layouts Multi-Part Nesting - Two different parts that are manufactured together Cost analysis - Accurate blank cost is calculated, accounting for the tooling costs Interactive results - Sort results in an interactive spread sheet by material utilization, coil width, pitch, rotation angle and translation, including related nesting preview Exporting - The current nesting layout can be exported in IGES or DXF format for use in other applications Reports - Detailed reports showing the nesting layout and calculated results can be printed


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