SofTech ToolDesigner v7.5

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  • Size:96MB
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  • Platform:Winxp/Win7
  • Freshtime:2007-01-23
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The Complete System for Design of Complex Tooling ToolDesigner is a high-performance, multi-function software solution that simplifies and speeds the design of complex tooling. With ToolDesigners dynamic combination of features, tool shops automate and streamline the entire tool design process. ToolDesigner provides you with a comprehensive skill set including: .Industry-best 3D IGES Translators .3D Surface Modeling .3D Wireframe Design .2D Drafting and Detailing .Engineering Change .Other Side of Material (OSM) .Design Analysis .Core/Cavity Separator .Automated Mold Design Functions .Parametric Mold Components .Automated Stock Listing .Direct interface to Prospector The reality of todays business environment requires ever increasing efficiencies to produce high quality tooling that meets compressed delivery schedules while producing predictable profits. For toolmakers to successfully compete in a global marketplace, best of breed software tools are an absolute necessity.


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