Automgen v7.100


New features of AUTOMGEN Choice of “Beginner / Expert” mode “Beginner” mode allows beginners to use a “simplified” environment that is extremely easy to use. Increased integration of the Grafcet 60848 standard The new elements of this standard can now be accessed in the contextual program editing menus. Compatibility of files The files generated by all of the AUTOMGEN8 versions can be re-read by all of the AUTOMGEN8 versions. Physical engine integrated to IRIS3D The TOKAMAK motor is integrated to IRIS3D. This enables an extremely realistic simulation of the 3D operational units to be obtained. Enhanced 3D object handling in IRIS3D The saving and re-reading of objects and behaviors allows you to manage libraries of easily reusable objects. Predefined objects (cylinders, conveyor belts, etc) are proposed as standard. A 3D operational unit simulation application can now be created in just a couple of mouse clicks. Improved links between AUTOMGEN and IRIS3D objects Enhanced modes allow you to easily handle displacements of complex objects between AUTOMGEN and IRIS3D. An AUTOMGEN variable can, for example, give the speed of an object directly. Position reporting can also be simulated in the manner of an absolute encoder.


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