Cimco Software Suite 5.11.79



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CIMCO Edit 5
As a CNC programmer or  machinist on the shop floor  responsible for creating or
editing CNC programs you need a reliable, fast, and professional tool.
CIMCO Edit 5 is the latest version of the most popular CNC program editor on the
market - in any country, in any language. Not counting the fact that over 80,000
licenses have been distributed in  the past few years, CIMCO  Edit is the editor
of  choice  for  professional  CNC programmers who  demand  a full-featured  and
reliable, yet cost-effective professional editing and communication tool.
The World s #1 DNC  software provides end-to-end  functionality  for robust  and
reliable CNC communications.
For  over a  decade  DNC-Max  has been  the  standard  by  which  all other  DNC
applications must be compared. From its best in class client/server architecture
to  its  unmatched   configurability  and   scalability   DNC-Max   delivers  on
functionality, reliability, and value.
DNC-Max meets or exceeds  the functionality and  flexibility  of  any other  DNC
application  on  the market.  DNC-Max is the obvious  choice  for  any size  CNC
One of the most time-consuming jobs for a CNC programmer  is management of their
part programs and associated production documents. NC-Base makes that job easier
and goes  one step  further. By providing  programmers  with  an integrated  and
flexible search and editing tool they can work more efficiently and effectively.
When combined with DNC-Max  the job is  even  easier.  DNC-Max can automatically
import  data  into  NC-Base, including defining  characteristics  such  as  part
number, description, operation,  etc., making the programmer s  job of reviewing
and managing uploaded data less  of a chore. For operators on  the shop floor, a
view only  version of  the NC-Base Client makes  easy  work  of retrieving  part
programs and viewing production documents in a paperless environment.
Discrete part manufacturers, no matter what they machine, have to  work with CNC
programs - every one of them, whether the programs are  generated by an in-house
programming department or provided by vendors or third  party programmers. Since
the  beginning  CIMCO  has  focused on  tools  that  help manufacturers  manage,
optimize, and distribute CNC programs.


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