SimXpert is a next generation CAE application that empowers engineers to perform an expansive range of multidisciplinary simulations by delivering new tools that accelerate learning curves and shorten model preparation and setup times all within a fully integrated user environment. Key capabilities include: Single Environment unifies linear & nonlinear FEA with multibody dynamics Template builder for automation of CAE best practices Native CAD access obsoletes geometry translation Multidiscipline analysis for real-world CAE accuracy Industry Uses: Automotive: Powertrain, Seals and gaskets, Brakes, Suspension, Gear contact, Multi-body dynamics Aerospace and Defense: Landing gear, Composites, Wing structures, Fuselage, Seals and hoses, Sheet metal forming Heavy Equipment: Gears, Steering yokes, Belts, Hoses, Manufacturing Medical: Stents, Catheters, Pacemakers, Dental and knee implants, Prosthetics, Muscle and tissue, Hospital equipment like beds, wheel chairs Packaging: Bottle forming, Bottle top load tests, Snap-on caps, Child safety lids Oil and Gas: Packers, blow out preventers, Seals and gaskets, Pipes and casings, Weldments, Drill bits Wind Energy: Composite blade analysis, Composite failure, Gears and bearings


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