MSC.Cradle.scSTREAM 13.0


MSC.Cradle.scSTREAM 13.0 MSC Software Corporation and Software Cradle announced the release of scSTREAM 13.0, is a general-purpose thermo-fluid analysis software utilizing pressured based Finite Volume Method and mainly structured mesh (Cartesian or cylindrical) coordinates that also utilizes Cutcell and tetra elements. Thermo-fluid analysis software is a simulation tool used for analyzing complex thermal/fluid phenomena. Software simulation enables predicting performance prior to hardware prototype. As a result, the tools can be used early in the planning state of product development to filter preliminary design concepts. Simulation can also be used to predict performance of products where it is difficult to make experimental measurements. In addition, simulation software can be used to visualize invisible fluid flow and heat transfer. This results in increased engineering understanding while providing a vehicle for communicating this knowledge to non-experts. Introduced over thirty years ago, scSTREAM has serviced the electronics and architectural industries by providing high accuracy and high efficiency CFD solutions. During this time scSTREAM has mainly been characterized by its overwhelming user-friendly interfaces and implementation of a structured Cartesian mesh. A structured mesh is simple, easy to construct, and fast to solve. This mesh is comprised of many small cuboids. It is most useful for applications where tiny details and surface curvature do not have a strong effect on the overall flow field. Applications that benefit from a structured mesh include: electronics cooling, HVAC, and architecture.


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