Actran v13.1


Major new features of Actran Release 13.1 Support of PML components within RADACT The Perfectly Matched Layer (PML) technique available in Actran is now available within the radact utility. Major bug fixes of Actran Release 13.1 Symmetric - Antisymmetric computations Different issues in the sym-asym utility have been corrected in the current revision. The computation of modal amplitudes, field point values when the field point is assigned to an identification number, the export of maps in external formats and the comments of the loadcases are all corrected in the current revision of Actran. Missing topological support for commented mesh files When using BDF files as topological support, no topological support could be found for domains including particular symbols in their comments. In the current revision, only alphanumerical characters are kept within the imported comment of the domain which increases the stability of the topological support. Nastran to Actran converter Many different small issues have been corrected in the Nastran to Actran translator. The translation and merge of composites has been improved, the support of different SPC1 cards has been enabled and several small translational issues have been corrected in the current release. Export to FLOW format The export of a map in the FLOW format from a compressible solver analysis or iCFD mean flow interpolation exported an empty file. In the current revision, this flow format is correctly exported. Post-processing step of the staggered solver When using the ITERATIVE_LOOP capability of the staggered solver, different post-processing steps were triggered at each iterations while only required in the final iteration. These operations have been removed in the current revision of Actran. Export of duplicated domains When a same domain was used by different components or boundary conditions, it was sometimes not correctly exported within the output maps. This is now corrected in the current version of Actran. Support of external file extensions in FIELDs When specifying a result FIELD , the user can now point towards a file which has a different file extension than the selected file format. Specification of CONTRIBUTION in a particular LOADCASE The specification of the CONTRIBUTION keyword within the LOADCASE data block was not supported. In the current revision of Actran, this has been corrected. Staggered Solver and modal component Using a modal component within a staggered solver was supported as long as no INTERFACE was coupling the modal component with the weakly coupled physical component. This is correctly supported in the current revision. PML in axisymmetric computations The usage of PMLs within an axisymmetric computation having multiple azimuthal orders was not supported as the distance was not calculated for all orders. This has been corrected in the current revision. ICFD: Usage of the COMPONENT keyword In the last revision of iCFD, the identification number provided by the COMPONENT keyword pointed towards the PID identification rather than to the component identification. This has been corrected in the current revision. Various other improvements • A localization can now be forced on a particular PID when using the nff_get utility; • A RADIATING_SURFACE can now be placed on a RAYLEIGH_SURFACE to access local quadratic indicators; • Sanity checks have been added when applying inappropriate boundary conditions to particular components; • A set of nodes specified by a SET keyword (BDF format) can now be used within an Actran computation; • The odb2act utility now supports the 6.12 revision of ABAQUS; • CPYRA elements included in BDF files are now supported, besides the already supported CPYRAM elements; • The NAME of components, boundary conditions or any other object can now contain digits and spaces. Major bug fixes in ActranVI, PLTViewer and WATERFALLViewer • When importing column files within the PLTViewer, the column names described as a comment on the first line can now be imported and attached to the corresponding column; • The detection of geometrical parameters inside ActranVI, in particular for rectangular or square modal duct basis has been improved; • The cutplane visualization operator within ActranVI has been corrected and now works properly; • The comments included in imported BDF files are now interpreted in a more robust way. Only alphanumerical symbols and underscores are taken into account; • Animations in ActranVI can now be exported on Linux machines; • Polar plots inside PLTViewer has been stabilized, including legend positions, handling of negative bounds and other small issues; • Figures can now be exported as text files in the WATERFALLViewer.


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