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Corporation MSC.Software (Santa Ana, California, USA), since 1963 working in the field of computer technology engineering analysis, offers a wide range of integrated VPD-systems - computer technology engineering analysis and virtual simulation. Technology VPD are the highest, most modern, qualitatively new level of systems engineering analysis (CAE - Computer Aided Engineering) and are designed to improve the quality and reliability while dramatically reducing the timing of design and manufacturing, as well as significantly reducing the number of prototypes and field tests. MSC.Software The company delivers its programs and services to aerospace and automotive companies, electronics manufacturers, other industries, higher education institutions. A strong reputation is deserved MSC.Software successful cooperation with renowned companies such as BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, GM, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Motorola, etc. MSC Dytran focus on a wide range of problems associated with rapid processes (simulation of collision of structures, demolition shovels, metal stamping process, hit a bird in aircraft engine, etc.). Typical applications include the interaction of MSC Dytran vehicle barriers, passengers and bags at the time of filling the air at the disaster, a collision of birds with the plane design, collision and grounding of ships, explosions in the confined space of the projectile hit the barrier and its penetration, falling meteorite in the lining of the spacecraft, metal stamping, the behavior of fluid in the not fully filled containers and other tasks. The basis of MSC Dytran is explicit method of integration of differential equations in time. This eliminates the need for decomposition of large matrices, which leaves most of the CPU time for solving vysokonelineynyh problems. The program is fully vectorized, can effectively be used on computers that support parallel processing. The technology for solving nonlinear problems of structural dynamics based on the developments, originally performed at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory im.Lourensa. Algorithms are the same model of interaction design and fluid (gas) originate in the Netherlands development company Pisces International (acquired by MSC in 1990), subsequently developed MSC.Software Corporation. To solve such problems in the MSC Dytran Euler formulation is used. Due to its ability to solve problems vysokonelineynye analysis of heterogeneous environments, MSC Dytran is effectively applied in the automotive, aerospace, defense and other industries. The main advantages of MSC Dytran: - High efficiency solutions of nonlinear dynamic and nonlinear quasi-static problems - "Friendly" style interface MSC.Nastran - MSC.Patran as pre-and post - Reliable and efficient algorithm for modeling contacts - Ability to perform structural finite element analysis, analysis of fluid dynamics and interaction "design - a liquid with a single software package - Ability to use user-developed routines


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