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The main objective of this study is twofold: (1) to evaluate a new 3-D metal forming simulation package by comparing its simulation results with the simulation results of a validated package for the same process, and (2) to optimize the feeder plate design for an extrusion die process using 3-D metal forming simulation. A new metal forming simulation package, MSC.SuperForge, has been recently introduced commercially. This package uses a finite-volume analysis method, which is fundamentally different than the finite-element analysis method used by most of the other commercial metal forming simulation packages. A primary objective of this study is to evaluate MSC.SuperForge by comparing its simulation results with the simulation results of DEFORM™-3D, a validated finite-element based forging simulation package. A 3D extrusion process using a streamlined die design was selected for the evaluation, since this process produces a relatively complex I-section extruded shape. A secondary objective of the study is to investigate shear extrusion dies in 3D extrusion processes with MSC.SuperForge. Although streamlined extrusion dies are generally preferred over sharp corner shear dies for extrusion because streamlined dies produce lower extrusion loads and more uniform material flow, streamlined extrusion dies are more difficult to design and more expensive to manufacture than shear dies. Until this current study, however, few attempts have been made to analyze 3D metal flow in shear die extrusion processes due to difficulties in simulating the more complex material flow. The finite-volume technology in MSC.SuperForge overcomes these difficulties and the package was effectively used to simulate various feeder plate designs for a shear die extrusion process.


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