MSC mvision builder and Evalutore V2004 for Linux

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无论你是在设计汽车配件,涡轮机,还是航空结构,为了精确的仿真都需要材料的品质数据。你同样也需要储存和发布一致的,可追踪的材料数据;并且使用合适的格式以便在整个公司的设计和分析中可以通用。MSC.Mvision 模块包括MSC.Mvision Evaluator和MSC.Mvision Builder. MSC.Mvision Evaluator提供如下功能:材料选择和查询,报告可自定义的,电子方面的链接的产生和发展情况以便分析程序。MSC.Mvision Builder可以用来创造和更新自定义的材料数据库。这是Linux版本。 Whether you are designing automotive components, power turbines, or composite aircraft structures, you need quality materials data for accurate simulation. You also need the ability to store and disseminate consistent, traceable materials data, in appropriate formats for direct use in design and analysis across your organisation. MSC.Mvision addresses this need by allowing you to select and work with materials property data. It reduces design cycle time by combining internal materials test information with quality materials data from technical sources and making them available for use within popular CAD and CAE environments. MSC.Mvision modules include MSC.Mvision Evaluator and MSC.Mvision Builder. MSC.Mvision Evaluator offers you the ability to perform materials selection and querying, report generation and development of customisable, electronic links to analysis programs. You can use MSC.Mvision Builder to create and update custom materials databases.


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