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Driving Productivity with Enterprise Simulation Management

To gain a competitive edge, manufacturers need to harness the knowledge and experience of the entire organization to drive greater innovation, lower costs, and faster product development - every time. While enterprise systems have been implemented to manage the workflow and information of sales, manufacturing logistics, and even CAD design, simulation remains a largely unmanaged activity in most manufacturing companies today.

Complete Management System for Simulation

SimManager is a world-class system for managing the simulation processes, resources, and information of the contemporary, global engineering enterprise. Leveraging MSC s foundation of deep simulation domain expertise, SimManager provides access and controlled enterprise visibility to simulation methods and data including templates, models, results, and reports. SimManager encapsulates and manages simulation workflow, provides intelligent contextual mapping of underlying simulation data and captures an audit trail of the process unveiling the intellectual property (IP) that details why, how, when, and by whom every piece of data is generated. This IP enables companies to manage and refine reliability and quality on an ongoing basis, enabling continuous improvement of simulation processes and powering sustainable engineering innovation.

Hub for Simulation Re-use

SimManager stores simulation data as it is created, and enables the creation of libraries of standard, reusable best practices in the form of SimTemplates. Methods experts, analysts, and designers within a company and its supply chain can easily find and reuse current models and SimTemplates with only a web browser, eliminating redundant modeling effort and ensuring consistent, repeatable results independent of the user or their location. Enterprise level security is built into the system, providing role-based access only to authorized users to enable collaboration while assuring the protection of your intellectual property.

Harnessing the Power of Your Simulation Assets

SimManager provides connectivity to high performance compute systems and easily integrates leading job submission and queuing software to help maximize utilization of your hardware and software investments. Its open, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) makes it simple to integrate 3rd party and in-house applications, spreadsheets, and other productivity software. SimManager s powerful graphical Process Builder allows you to combine SimTemplates, macros, and virtually any simulation application into a standard and consistent simulation workflow, without programming knowledge.

Discover the impact SimManager delivers across the enterprise.


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