MSC EASY5 2008 R1

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::::::English Description::::::

In the aerospace and automotive industries, engineers often assemble products schematically using special iconic blocks that represent systems and subsystems, such as valves, actuators, heat exchangers, and so on. Easy5 is a schematic-based simulation software that allows you to model and simulate dynamic systems containing hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and digital subsystems.

Work with libraries of ready-made parts

So that you can model and simulate a variety of dynamic systems quickly and easily, Easy5 comes with an extensive library of pre-built components sorted by industry. In Easy5, you model systems using functional blocks (summers, dividers, wave generators, and so on) and pre-defined components that represent physical elements (pumps, gears, engines, and so on). You can also link to entire system designs in computer-aided engineer software.

Access powerful analysis tools

Another powerful aspect of Easy5 are its analysis tools, which allow you to do nonlinear simulation, steady-state analysis, control system design, data analysis and plotting. Easy5 generates the source code automatically to support real-time requirements. An open architecture provides links to a broad set of popular computer-aided engineering software and hardware tools.


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