Ansys.Products.19.0.Linux64 ANSYS has release version 19.0 of its engineering simulation software. In this release, there changes to the way HPC (high performance computing) works for certain ANSYS products. The ANSYS products listed below will, from January 2018, gain access to four compute cores. Coupled with the recent increases in HPC scalability, this will deliver significant performance gains. Impacted products are: - ANSYS Mechanical Pro, Premium, Enterprise - ANSYS CFD Premium and Enterprise - ANSYS Mechanical CFD Maxwell 3D - ANSYS Mechanical Maxwell 3D - ANSYS Mechanical CFD - ANSYS HFSS - ANSYS SIwave - ANSYS Maxwell - ANSYS Q3D Extractor - ANSYS Icepak In addition to this, current ANSYS HPC products (standalone HPC licenses, Packs and Workgroups) will become more flexible and work with all ANSYS Mechanical, Fluids, and Electronics products. Note that ANSYS Electronics HPC products will move to legacy, with migration to corresponding current ANSYS HPC products. HPC Packs and Workgroups will also be additive in nature. A user's four base cores will be added to the HPC cores. For example, the behavior of HPC Packs is shown below.


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