Ansys.14.5 for linux


ANSYS 14.5 provides a great number of new and advanced features that bolster product performance and integrity through deeper design insight. The many new features in ANSYS 14.5, combined with ANSYS Workbench, deliver additional physics depth and breadth that can be scaled to meet the changing needs of customers. Built on a platform that accurately streamlines workflow among simulation applications, ANSYS 14.5 delivers critical multiphysics solutions, enhancements to pre-processing and meshing capabilities as well as a new parametric high-performance computing (HPC) licensing model to make design exploration more scalable. To learn more about ANSYS 14.5 and direct questions to ANSYS product development experts, attend the ANSYS 14.5 webinar series. The listing includes upcoming live webinars as well as recorded sessions. Complex 3-D Composites Shapes You can easily create 3-D layered composites from complex geometry and conveniently combine such models with noncomposites parts in global assemblies. The capability in ANSYS Mechanical consumes solid composites from ANSYS Composite PrepPost for further analysis; in explicit dynamics, enables modeling composites created with Composite PrepPost; in Mechanical, allows you to assemble multiple upstream meshes coming from Composite PrepPost and mechanical model sources; and the ability to post-process the result in Composite PrepPost.


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