Ansys.Products.16.2.Win64 ANSYS 16.2 Release Highlights ANSYS 16.2 makes it possible, for the first time, for engineers to create and validate complete virtual prototypes of entire systems. Simulating electrical, electronic, thermo-fluid, mechanical and embedded software properties together, all at once, gives you a true picture of how your product will operate in the real-world, increasing your confidence that you have developed the optimal solution. That's just a start. Additional enhancements offered in ANSYS 16.2 are presented below. ANSYS AIM for Multiphysics Simulation ANSYS AIM — the first integrated and comprehensive multiphysics simulation environment designed for all engineers — has been extended to handle conjugate heat transfer, compressible flows, and nonlinear contact in structural assemblies. Whether a multiphysics simulation includes structural, fluid, thermal, or electromagnetic, all aspects of simulation workflow are supported in the single-window design, thereby reducing training and deployment costs typically associated with fragmented tool chains. HFSS 3-D Components In HFSS, you can create 3-D components and integrate them into larger assemblies. This modeling approach can facilitate the creation of wireless communication systems, and is especially useful as these systems become more and more complex...


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