ACT Acoustics 16.0


Acoustics For acoustics, ANSYS Fluent can compute the noise resulting from unsteady pressure fluctuations in several ways. Transient LES predictions for surface pressure can be converted to a frequency spectrum using the built-in fast Fourier transform (FFT) tool. The Ffowcs–Williams and Hawkings acoustics analogy can be used to model the propagation of acoustics sources for various objects, ranging from exposed bluff bodies to rotating fan blades. Broadband noise source models allow acoustic sources to be estimated based on the results of steady-state simulations. ANSYS ACT You can customize your ANSYS Workbench multiphysics platform to capture analyst knowledge with ANSYS ACT. No matter your discipline – structural, electronics, design modeling, design exploration or meshing -- our rich set of tools can be customized to achieve a number of goals: Fill the gap between general-purpose and industry/customer-specific needs Enable automation Give non-experts easy access to advanced models Introduce new features Implement process automation, vertical applications Improve product performance along with engineering productivity arrow ACT enables you to easily repeat simulations, capture product and process knowledge, and reduce training and implementation barriers for non-expert simulation users. Enabling non-experts to access high-end tools via a standardized approach is invaluable; the result is knowledge-driven product development through simulation. ACT makes it possible to run simulations and make modeling decisions through innovative, highly-intuitive, problem- and project-customized interfaces. The entire process can improve your organization’s bottom line.


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