Ansys Tas 11.0

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  • Freshtime:2008-05-05
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English Description::::::

TAS is a system designed to computer simulate nearly any thermal problem you have.

Problems are simulated geometrically using 2D Plate and 3D Brick and Tetrahedron elements.  TAS can accurately represent skewed elements.  TAS uses a Finite Element method to convert geometry into an accurate resistor/capacitor representation which is then accurately and quickly solved using a finite difference or Conjugate Gradient method.  This combination gives accurate results like other Finite Element (FEA) solver and provides you with unsurpassed flexibility in model generation.  There are no limits to model size, only limited to PC memory.

  • Complete, no other tools are required
  • Complete model generation, solving and post processing in one environment
  • On-line and context sensitive help
  • Built-in steady state and transient finite difference solvers
  • Model size only limited by available memory
  • Electronic components
  • Satellites, interfaces with TRASYS, TSS, RadCAD and Thermal Desktop
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Medical instruments
  • Air and liquid cold plates
  • Heat sinks
  • Interface with ANSYS, Nastran, FEMAP, SINDA/G and SINDA/FLUINT


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