TEBIS 4.0 R5 SP2 for 64bit


TEBIS 4.0 R5 sp2 for 64bit
Faster NC calculations and shorter loading, response and search times – the key feature of the new Tebis Version 4.0 Release 5 is its extremely high performance.
our benefits from the Tebis Mold and Die industry packages:

No size limitations
Easy to learn and intuitive operation
Easily integrated in existing CAD environments with high-quality interfaces
Enables personnel to specialize in various areas such as design, manufacturing preparation and NC programming
High productivity with standardized and automated NC programming
Extensive machining options for surface, mesh and hybrid models
Broad application spectrum with comprehensive NC strategies for prismatic and 3D surface machining
High part surface quality with NC programs generated directly on CAD surfaces
Continuously improve your process quality with stored manufacturing knowledge in NC templates
Reliable processes with programming and simulation in a realistic manufacturing environment
Digital information flow throughout the process


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