Romax Designer 23.1


Romax Designer 23.1
Romax Designer is a CAD product of production and manufacturing software developed by Hexconn, which has rich solid, surface, and sheet metal modeling functions, as well as powerful reverse engineering capabilities. It can be used in conjunction with any CAM software in the Romax series products as a front-end design and model modification tool for CAM software, connecting the design and manufacturing processes, filling the gap between CAD and CAM.
Romax Designer has the following technical features
1. Comprehensive performance analysis:
Romax Designer can conduct comprehensive performance analysis on the entire mechanical transmission system, including vibration, sound, wear, lifespan, etc., to evaluate the performance and reliability of the system.
2. Multi physics field coupling simulation:
Romax Designer supports multi physics field coupling simulation, which can simultaneously consider the interaction of multiple physical fields such as dynamics, heat transfer, wear, and lubrication, accurately simulating the behavior of transmission systems in actual situations.
3. Efficient modeling and analysis tools:
Romax Designer provides fast and flexible modeling and analysis tools to quickly create transmission system models and perform performance prediction and optimization.
4. Advanced vibration analysis capabilities:
Romax Designer can accurately model and analyze the vibration characteristics of mechanical transmission systems, including modal analysis, frequency response analysis, and time-domain analysis, to evaluate the vibration performance and reliability of the system.
5. Accurate life prediction:
Based on advanced fatigue analysis and life prediction algorithms, Romax Designer can accurately predict the life of mechanical transmission systems, helping users optimize design and maintenance strategies.
6. Visual analysis and result display:
Romax Designer provides intuitive visual analysis tools and result display, which can display simulation results in a graphical manner, helping users understand and interpret analysis results.
7. Multiple interfaces and data exchange:
Romax Designer supports interfaces and data exchange with other engineering software, and can exchange data with CAD software, finite element software, and control system design software to improve work efficiency.
Designer, as a non parametric direct modeling tool, is different from traditional parametric modeling. It allows users to complete model building through simple drag and drop operations. Existing models can also be freely modified without considering the structure and approach used to establish them.