CncKad 15.6.395


CncKad 15.6.395 cncKad optimizes production factors to minimize the processing time required, taking into account machine capabilities and limitations. The post-processor then converts these actions into efficient NC programs, which can be simulated from the cncKad graphic screen. cncKad calculates the machine runtime and produces detailed reports for use in the production environment or by the accounting department. The resulting NC program can be transferred to the machine via direct connection (DNC), the company network, or pen drive. cncKad provides a 2D milling feature for easy formation of pockets and complex shaped contours. Multiple parameters allow flexible and detailed definitions of machining processes, with depth and thickness to define the tooling attributes. You can: Add cutting type, approach (lead-in), and (optionally) exit parameters Control the position speed and Z axis position by selecting Z Option Set the milling depth (Z axis) Gradually penetrate the desired depth Add a pocket, setting its depth and overlap Examine the full cut tool width


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