Lucid Drive 2017.12


LucidDrive New Features

LucidDrive version 2018.09 includes the following new features for automotive lighting design:

  • Resolution Improvement for Matrix Beam and Pixel Light Simulation
    You can now reduce the resampling threshold below 0.15° to enhance high-resolution matrix beam and pixel light system simulations.
  • Vehicle Detection Performance Enhancement
    To improve performance for LucidDrive real-time applications, the vehicle (obstacle) detection algorithm has been changed to allow a higher frames-per-second (FPS) rating with a larger number of vehicles in the driving simulation. This is intended to improve performance primarily for state-of-the-art matrix beam and pixel light systems, as well as other dynamic headlights and AFS.
  • New Motorcycle AFS Tilt-Switch Plugin
    The AFS tilt-switch plugin script for motorcycle simulations,, is now available. The script enables you to switch headlight functions on and off by the roll angle of the motorcycle.


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