PVsyst v7.4.6


PVsyst v7.4.6
New features:

- Meteo import: possibility to import 3E TMY hourly data in Import in known format
- Optimizer: implemented Sungrow optimizers, with sizing constraints (inverters allowed, limits on the number in series, etc.) and update of the help
- Trackers: wind stow position for tilted axis and horizontal North-South trackers.


- Databases: significant updates of pumps, controllers, batteries, PV modules, inverters and optimizers (SolarEdge)
- Electrical shadings, partitions model and unlimited orientations: improvement of the model. This improvement may lead to changes in the electrical shading losses and simulation results
- Electrical shadings, partitions model: more detailed treatment of the effect of shades on the bottom row of PV cells. Simulation results from the calculation in partitions, or "according to strings", may change. The help pages have been updated accordingly
- Meteo: NREL NSRDB TMY import is now available for Asia, Australia and Pacific
- Shadings: modules are now displayed in the field edition dialog even if the sizing is defined "By sensitive area"
- Simulation: batch mode now handles the use of column separators in text fields of parameter files
- Simulation: in the batch mode it is now possible to avoid overwriting existing parameter files
- Spectral correction: improved messages to user, if spectral correction model cannot be applied.