Ansoft TPA v8.0


ANSYS TPA ANSYS Turbo Package Analyzer (TPA) software provides the package extraction and automation capability needed to address the electrical requirements of today's complex high-performance SiP, chip-scale, flip-chip, ball-grid array and wirebond. With TPA, IC and package designers of analog/RF and high-speed digital applications can fully characterize an entire package structure and automatically extract lumped or distributed RLC values for use with ANSYS DesignerSI or alternative SPICE-compatible tools to perform subsequent transient analyses, such as crosstalk, overshoot and TDR. TPA further enables the prediction of IC package performance and compatibility, facilitating performance trade-off analysis before a design is committed to fabrication. TPA couples with leading electronic package layout tools to accurately model package interconnect elements, such as nonorthogonal traces, vias, wirebonds and solder balls, and to take into account the nonideal ground planes prevalent in these advanced IC package designs. View larger image ANSYS TPA employs the ECAD editor of ANSYS SIwave with the 3-D solver of ANSYS Q3D Extractor. Enhancements enable users who own SIwave and Q3D Extractor to run TPA without any additional licenses. This provides the engineer with an automated and easy-to-use solution for extraction of RLCG circuits with adaptive meshing.


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