Ansoft PExprt v7


The design of magnetic components, such as transformers and inductors, has critical influence on the size, performance, cost, and efficiency of power converters and their associated integrated systems. Traditionally, companies have relied on cycles of design-build-test methodologies and engineers with years of experience from trial and error. PExprt not only aids the engineer in the design of these magnetic components, but also offers users the ability to see the effects of their designs (such as how different winding strategies affect the leakage inductance and inter winding capacitance). The user can evaluate the magnetic components in Maxwell® and view such things as flux or current density to evaluate leakage inductance or if the design will heat up due to proximity effects on the current. PExprt will also automatically create a detailed model that can be imported into Simplorer® to evaluate the magnetism in the actual circuit, with the actual waveforms, to evaluate performance and power losses. With PExprt, users can quickly and virtually design, model, and analyze inductors, transformers, coupled inductors, and flyback-type components. PExprt allows the user to optimize based on core size, wire gauge, number of turns, temperature rise, gap length, window fill area, and power loss. PExprt takes into account proximity and skin effects, leakage inductance, interwinding capacitance, non-linear core material, laminated cores, gap effects, temperature, DC and AC resistance, winding and core losses, winding strategies such as interleaving, bi-filar, tri-filar, winding type such as solid round or square, twisted, foil, litz, and planar.


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