Ansoft Simplorer 9.7


ANSYS Simplorer is a multi-domain system simulation software program. It is used for the design, modeling, analysis and optimization of high-performance systems that include electrical, thermal, electromechanical, electromagnetic, and hydraulic designs. These complex systems are commonly found in the automotive, aerospace/defense, and industrial automation industries. Simplorer provides a wide range of modeling techniques, analysis capabilities, and post processing. This enables the engineer to investigate system functionality, performance, and overall design verification. The result is a dramatic reduction in development time and cost, increased system reliability and system optimization. Simplorer - HFSS Coupling Simplorer V9.0 provides a new link to HFSS, the industry-standard simulation tool for 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation. Electromechanical engineers can use HFSS to design high-speed components including on-chip embedded passives, IC packages, PCB interconnects, extract parasitic parameters and generate Simplorer models to evaluate the signal quality, including transmission path losses, reflection loss due to impedance mismatches, parasitic coupling. Simplorer - SIwave Coupling Simplorer V9.0 now couples to SIwave for PCB and IC package design. SIwave extracts frequency-dependent circuit models of signal nets and power distribution networks directly from electrical CAD layout (E-CAD) databases that may be used in Simplorer. SIwave can generate state-space macro models that can be statically linked to Simplorer to predict the effects of EMI in electronic packages and PCBs.


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