Ansoft HFSS 12.0.1

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Ansoft HFSS 12.0.1 include Windows32 and Windows64 Release.

HFSS 12 is the industry-standard simulation tool for 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation. HFSS provides E- and H-fields, currents, S-parameters and near and far radiated field results. Intrinsic to the success of HFSS as an engineering design tool is its automated solution process where users are only required to specify geometry, material properties and the desired output. From here HFSS will automatically generate an appropriate, efficient and accurate mesh for solving the problem using the proven finite element method. With HFSS the physics defines the mesh, not the mesh defining the physics. Engineers rely on the accuracy, capacity, and performance of HFSS to design high-speed components including on-chip embedded passives, IC packages, PCB interconnects, and high-frequency components such as antennas, RF/microwave components, and biomedical devices

The power of HFSS comes from many Ansoft pioneered research and development innovations. These breakthroughs have made HFSS the most widely used software for solving 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulations.

  • Tangential vector basis functions enabled the highly accurate finite element method for electromagnetic field solution
  • Transfinite element method for fast and accurate multi-mode S-parameter extractions
  • Automatic mesh generation and adaptive refinement for reliable, repeatable and efficient results
Version 12.0.1 Defect Fixes
ANSft00090489 - Boundary Display (Solver View) will no longer initiate a desktop crash
without a defined solution setup.
ANSft00090048 - Distributed interpolating sweep solutions could end prematurely in some
cases. This issue has been fixed.
ANSft00090498 - The error criteria will now be properly respected for ports-only
interpolating sweeps.
ANSft00089952 - Resolving a design could invoke a desktop crash if the minimum solved
frequency for a DC extrapolated sweep was modified. This has been
addressed in the patch release.
ANSft00090090 - Radiated power will now be computed correctly when an infinite ground
plane is present in the design.
ANSft00090876 - Interpolating sweep step numbers will now be reported appropriately in
the profile for distributed simulations.
ANSft00090427 - In rare cases, aborting a simulation could cause files to be deleted
unexpectedly from a hard drive. This problem has been corrected in the
patch release.
ANSft00090752 - Design topology changes that occur during an Optimetrics' analysis will
no longer cause the mesher to hang indefinitely.


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