Ansoft HFSS 12.1.1


Ansoft HFSS Version 12.1.1 Defect Fixes
ANSft00092904 - HFSS provided erroneous results when an analysis switched from a domain solution to a non-domain solution in subsequent passes. This patch corrects the issue.
ANSft00092339 - Far-fields will now be computed correctly when the radiation setup only includes a single angle or pattern slice.
ANSft00093260 - The mesher will no longer fail when it encounters empty facets in the mesh.
ANSft00093023 - This patch addresses a memory leak in the far-fields post processor that caused the software to crash in some cases.
ANSft00093768 - Users can now set up Remote Simulation Manager on SUSE 11 computers.
ANSft00092757 - Distributed interpolating sweeps in HFSS-IE designs could sometimes produce non-causal S-parameters. This issue is fixed in the patch.
ANSft00090666 - The correct units will now be displayed for field overlays that were defined in prior versions of HFSS 12.
ANSft00093343 - HFSS will now correctly import excitation datasets that are pushed from Designer and contain multiple frequencies.
ANSft00093623 - Communication errors prevented distributed simulations from running in a LSF environment on Linux. This has been fixed in the patch.
ANSft00093008 - HFSS could not tolerate many compute nodes with large default thread stack sizes for distributed simulations on Linux. This has been corrected.


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