MathWorks MATLAB R2018b


MathWorks MATLAB R2018b Language and Programming Empty Arrays: Create complex empty arrays using functions such as zeros and ones Code Compatibility Report: Generate compatibility report from Current Folder browser timer Object: Access properties with multilevel indexing Functionality being removed or changed Mathematics graph and digraph Objects: Work with multigraphs that have multiple edges between two nodes graph and digraph Objects: Calculate component sizes and weighted adjacency matrices GraphPlot Object: Visualize graphs with additional options for 'force', 'force3', and 'circle' layouts polyshape Objects: Analyze polygons with turningdist, nearestvertex, and overlaps functions polyshape Objects: Return vertex map and accept arrays with compatible sizes for intersect, subtract, union, and xor functions polybuffer Function: Create buffer around points or lines triangulation Objects: Find neighboring vertices and locations of query points with improved performance ode45 Function: Solve nonstiff differential equations faster Graphics Axes Object: View axes at small size with improved layout, limit selection, and font scaling Axes Object: Map data values to colormap using linear or logarithmic scale Legend Object: Create legends with multiple columns heatmap Function: Zoom and pan data, display data tips, and sort rows and columns interactively geobubble Function: Explore with interactive data tips and a scale bar​ ​ Axes Toolbar: Add toolbars to your axes for quick access to pan, zoom, and other data exploration tools Property Inspector: Modify graphics interactively with an improved property inspector Polygon Object: Control color and transparency of hole edges Functionality being removed or changed Data Import and Export readtable Function: Specify the number of rows to read from a text file using import options readtable Function: Easily manage prefixes and suffixes from data using import options preview Function: Preview first 8 rows of a table in a file without importing the full table imageDatastore Function: Work with millions of images with improved memory usage and performance Datastore Functions: Seamlessly work with datasets stored on cloud and local machines Datastore Functions: Read HDFS data more easily when using Hortonworks or Cloudera readtable, detectImportOptions, datastore, and tabularTextDatastore Functions: Automatically detect and return duration data in text files detectImportOptions Function: Control import properties of duration data VideoReader Function: Read video files faster on all platforms VideoWriter Function: Write video files faster on all platforms openDiskFile Function: Read data files in FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) data format webwrite Function: Support for NTLM authentication Functionality being removed or changed Data Analysis


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