Visicon is designed to be your go-to solution for any BIM model interaction: QA, review, markup, coordination, data extraction, change management or presentation. Revit models are extracted with a one-click operation at a fraction of their original file size, making them easily accessible and shareable. Visicon can also read and merge IFC, ETABS, ADAPT, and point cloud data.

Communicate and resolve issues more effectively by marking up your BIM model in Visicon instead of taking screenshots and marking up PDFs. Share your marked up models or issues with anyone using Visicon’s free portable file option and initiate ad-hoc collaboration to streamline your work-in-progress coordination. Work smarter and save time by re-integrating others’ comments back into your original model.

Use our smart rules and expressions to extract or visualize any information embedded in your BIM models in seconds. Automatically identify deficiencies in your models by running operations like clash detection, 3D Boolean difference analysis and clearance verification.

Run any number of reports to tabularize your BIM model data, run detailed quantity takeoffs or drill down into the exact change between two models. Visicon is available as a free model viewer and Professional version with full functionality. Contact us for pricing and purchasing options.