NovaFlow Solid CV V4.6R5


Important part of quality control Herbert Trebes of the die-casting technology supplier Oskar Frech claims that NovaFlow & Solid is improving the quality of their products. “It also makes it possible for us to offer our customers improved service,” he says, and there are virtually no manufacturing expenses for tests of new runner systems as we are using simulations instead. NovaFlow proves its worth at Artur Monse Initial doubts disappeared when Frank Schumacher of German foundry Artur Monse began using NovaFlow. Today, NovaFlow is an important tool in their business. NovaFlow & Solid CV improves production efficiency at Anadolu Thanks to the introduction of NovaFlow & Solid CV at the end of 2007, we have been able to improve our production efficiency. From 65 to 71 percent in just 1,5 year,” says Ibrahim Arda of Anadolu Steel Casting in Turkey.


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