Independently developed based on know-how accumulated over the past ten years, the program is structured in a casting process-oriented manner, allowing ease of simulation even for non-numerical simulation specialists. Currently, the program may be applied to all types of casting including sand casting, metal mould casting, high pressure and low pressure die casting, gravity tilt casting, investment casting and can predict rapidly and accurately the problems that may arise during casting processes due to its excellent simulation performance and high accuracy. With a Windows-based layout and menu, you can easily manipulate and examine conditions or results of interest with minimum amount of work as well as view realistic graphics thanks to the OpenGL method. Not only this, the Database program, which provides and manages various material properties, has been developed so that you may view all the properties of a material just by selecting it. AnyCastingTM will assist you in improving the quality of product and manufacturing technology. Convenient to Use Operation possible on a personal computer MS Windows-based program Casting process-oriented structure Full three-dimensional graphic support utilizing OpenGL Various Application Fields High Pressure Diecasting / Low Pressure Diecasting / Cyclic Casting Sand Casting / Metal Mould Casting / Investment Casting / Tilting Casting / Fluidity simulation


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