Fluent Polyflow 3.10.4


This new release is based on five major pillars: adaptive meshing, non-conformal meshing, enhancements and extension of viscoelastic models, elasticity-based remeshing, and a new user-friendly environment. Meshing Advances Adaptive and non-conformal meshing help the user to build an accurate computer model of the equipment design to be simulated, particularly for complex, real-world models, such as dies for window profiles and rubber seals, and coextrusion or fiber spinning equipment. Greater Flexibility The advanced viscoelastic modeling capability in POLYFLOW 3.9 widens the realm of possibility for modeling tricky viscoelastic flows. Elasticity-based remeshing capabilities provide further flexibility in the modeling of flows, which deform in three dimensions. POLYMAN is User Friendly The new POLYMAN user environment is a Windows-like interface that consolidates all the tools in the POLYFLOW suite for easy access. Pricing and Availability POLYFLOW 3.9 is available on UNIX and NT platforms. It is provided at no additional cost to all current POLYFLOW users who have chosen to purchase upgrades along with their POLYFLOW license. POLYFLOW license fees are determined by the number of processes that a user requires. Users may also purchase unlimited usage support. About Fluent Fluent is the world's largest provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. Fluent's software is used


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