ansys SpaceClaim 2017_ansys DesignSpark Mechanical 2017


ansys SpaceClaim 2017 ansys DesignSpark Mechanical 2017 1. Install ANSYS SpaceClaim 2017 and CATIA Converter 2. Copy "SolidSQUAD_License_Servers" folder from crack to computer X: (by default C:) 3. As administrator, run "X:SolidSQUAD_License_ServersSpaceClaimInstall_SpaceClaim_License.bat". Wait until new service will be installed and started 4. Copy contents of "Enable_DesignSpark" folder from crack into (by default C:Program FilesSpaceClaim 2017) 5. As administrator, run CreateDesignSparkShortcut.bat (by default C:Program FilesSpaceClaim 2017CreateDesignSparkShortcut.bat) The "DesignSpark Mechanical" shortcut appears in Desktop and Start Menu of every user 6. Reboot computer!


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