CivilFEM 14.5 for ansys


CivilFEM 14.5 for ansys CivilFEM for ANSYS software is a customized version of ANSYS, tailored for advanced civil/structural-engineering applications. Combining state-of-the-art features of ANSYS—the world leader in simulation—with the high-end civil-engineering structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM gives engineers access to the world's most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element and design software for civil-engineering applications.

 Applications suited for CivilFEM software are high-rise buildings, bridges, seismic calculations, offshore structures, power plants, soil mechanics, dams and tunnels. Code checking incorporated into CivilFEM includes: Eurocode Russian SP ACI Brazilian Code ASTM British Code AISC Chinese Code View our CivilFEM Overview webinar


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