ANSYS Apache RedHawk 13.1.2


ANSYS Apache RedHawk 13.1.2 ANSYS RedHawk is an industry standard power noise and reliability sign-off solution for your SoC designs. With a track record of thousands of designs in silicon, RedHawk enables you to create high-performance SoCs that are still power efficient and reliable against thermal, electromigration (EM) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) issues for markets such as mobile, communications, high-performance computing, automotive and Internet of Things (IoT). Sign-off Redhawk has been the go-to sign-off solution for all foundries and processes since 2006, enabling you to create robust, low-power, high-performance SoCs in the most advanced FinFET technology. This includes accurate self-heat and thermal-aware EM analyses. Performance RedHawk’s advanced Distributed Machine Processing (DMP) enables significantly higher capacity and better performance for full-chip IR/dynamic voltage drop, power/signal electromigration (EM) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) analyses. System-Aware Chip Design RedHawk’s complete and accurate model-based interoperability with ANSYS board and system-level tools ensures that your chip works as intended in the system.


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