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ANSYS ParaMesh™ Time is Money! What makes money, particularly to hyper-competitive companies that use engineering as a key competitive weapon, is to find ways to reduce wasted time, to streamline a process, and to get to the best design faster than anyone else can. "Time to Best Design" is now a closely contested race. ANSYS ParaMesh is all about process streamlining. Inserting ANSYS ParaMesh into a typical product development process can sometimes halve the amount of time it takes to get to the best, simulation proven design. Those kind of claims are jaw dropping and hard to believe, until you see ANSYS ParaMesh in action. ANSYS ParaMesh allows you to work directly with your existing analysis model. By working only with the nodal coordinates and a variety of transformations, ParaMesh is able to morph your existing mesh into a wide array of new designs. Why ANSYS ParaMesh? Very effective with legacy models; many projects re-use existing models Very efficient with large models that are difficult to modify by any method To drastically reduce the amount of time it takes you to perform a design iteration To give you an advantage over those that use only the traditional process Applications Perform rapid modifications of a design (evolution of existing designs) Perform concepts analysis at the CAE level Explore many design alternatives Perform shape optimization without CAD models Perform easier and more accurate Design of Experiments (DOE) ParaBatch ParaBatch is the "Batch Only" version of ParaMesh, which means that the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is not active. The mode of operation allows you to export deformed meshes from either a ParaMesh or a DesignXplorerVT database. ParaBatch can quickly export deformed meshes automatically without any user intervention, which allows ParaBatch to be utilized in two different ways. The first one allows exporting a single mesh from a single execution of the program. The second one, which is the more powerful method, is to create multiple deformed meshes. This series of meshes can be used for DFSS studies, optimization, sensitivity analyses and what ifs! ParaBatch can be integrated into an automatic optimization loop or coupled with commercial optimization software such as Isight, Optimus, modeFRONTIER, etc., making a powerful combination. ParaMesh Target Geometry Module What do you do if your CAD model and your analysis model are not in sync? ParaMesh allows models that have gotten out of sync with the CAD model to be quickly and easily modified to match the current CAD geometry. The target geometry capability leverages both the work done by the analyst in setting up the analysis model as well as the work done by the CAD designer in refining the CAD model. Bringing both of these into agreement means providing the best possible answer for decision making, and with ParaMesh, this is accomplished in a very efficient manner. Also, the new target geometry capability offers an unlimited capacity for complex modifications to existing models. For example, if an automobile trunk has been redesigned for better aerodynamics, ParaMesh can be used to morph a portion of the structural analysis model to the new CAD target geometry while leaving the other portion unchanged.Find out how ANSYS ParaMesh can streamline your process and make your "Time to Best Design" faster than your competition. IMG:


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