Ansys ICEM CFD 12


ANSYS ICEM CFD Extend Your ANSYS Meshing capabilities with ANSYS ICEM CFD Meshing Software. * Mesh from dirty CAD and/or faceted geometry (STL, etc.) * Efficiently mesh large complex models * Hexa mesh (structured or unstructured) with advanced control * Extended mesh diagnostics and advanced interactive mesh editing * Output to a wide variety of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) solvers and neutral formats ANSYS ICEM CFD meshing software starts with advanced CAD/geometry readers and repair tools that allow the user to quickly move to a variety of geometry-tolerant meshers and produce high-quality volume or surface meshes with minimal effort. Advanced mesh diagnostics, interactive and automated mesh editing, output to a wide variety of CFD and FEA solvers, and multi-physics post-processing tools make the ANSYS ICEM CFD tool a complete meshing solution. ANSYS ICEM CFD is the Swiss army knife of meshing; our product vision is to provide a variety of flexible tools that can take the model from any geometry to any solver, in one modern and fully scriptable environment.


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