Lumerical DEVICE 7.11.1416,Lumerical 2017b


Lumerical DEVICE 7.11.1416,Lumerical 2017b Key DEVICE applications include: Semiconductor devices Optoelectronics Photovoltaic devices Metamaterials Thermal tuning/switching Plasmonics Solvers Available: DEVICE CT DEVICE HT Integrated design environment, charge transport solver Integrated design environment, heat transfer solver DEVICE DGTD Integrated design environment, optical solver Design Environment Build 1D, 2D, or 3D models Import from STL, GDSII, STEP Parameterizable simulation objects Geometry-linked sources and monitors Domain partitioned solids DEVICE CAD Environment Adaptive Finite-Element Mesh Represent arbitrary geometries efficiently Automatic refinement based on geometry, materials, doping, and optical or heat generations Adaptive Mesh Optical modeling (DEVICE DGTD) Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain Object-conformal meshing free of staircasing Higher polynomial orders Gaussian vector beams Far-field and grating projections Bloch boundary conditions Requires DEVICE DGTD license Read more on DEVICE DGTD here. DGTD Heat transfer modeling (DEVICE HT) Steady state and transient Heat transport Electrical conductive transport Requires DEVICE HT license DEVICE Heat Transfer Charge Transport modeling (DEVICE CT) Drift-diffusion solver DC and transient response Isothermal and non-isothermal temperature dependence Heterojunction components Small-signal AC analysis Avalanche photodiode modeling Requires DEVICE CT license DEVICE Charge Transport Self-consistent CT/HT Modeling Self-heating effects High-current devices Requires both DEVICE CT and DEVICE HT licenses DEVICE Interoperable with optical solvers Perform multiphysics simulations Photovoltaic (DEVICE CT / HT) Electro-optic (DEVICE CT) Opto-thermal (DEVICE HT) DEVICE interoperability Material Models Comprehensive selection of material models Adaptable to suit specific process or application Flexible visual database Multi-coefficient optical material models


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