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LISREL 10.20
<h1 id="subject_tpc" class="read_h1">LISREL 10.20</h1> <p> <header class="entry-header"> <h1 class="entry-title">LISREL</h1> </header> </p> <h2>Overview</h2> <p class="has-normal-f..
Language: english Update:2021-02-10Size: 1CD
Oasys Suite 17
<p><br /> Oasys PRIMER is the pre-processor designed to make preparation and modification of LS-DYNA models as quick and as simple as possible.<br /> <br /> With support for every ..
Language: english Update:2021-02-10Size: 1CD
OpendTect 6.6
<p>OpendTect 6.6</p> <p><span style="left: 120.101px; top: 187.27px; font-size: 26.6849px; font-family: sans-serif; transform: scaleX(0.934889);">OpendTect</span><span style="left:..
Language: english Update:2021-02-10Size: 1CD
QPS Qimera 2.3.1

QPS Qimera 2.3.1

Hydrographic data processing made simple and intuitive, while also containing the most advanced and cutting-edge tools.

Language: english Update:2021-02-05Size: 1CD
Zemax Opticstudio v20.3.2
Language: english Update:2021-02-05Size: 1DVD
Oslo Premium 2020
<p> Optics Software for Layout and Optimization meets today&rsquo;s lens design and optical engineering requirements.<br /> <br /> OSLO&reg; is a leading lens design tool that comb..
Language: Update:2021-02-05Size:
GridPRO 7
<p>GridPRO 7.0</p> <p><span style="left: 120.04px; top: 228.184px; font-size: 23.4px; font-family: sans-serif; transform: scaleX(0.901868);">Grid</span><span style="left: 163.04px;..
Language: english Update:2021-02-05Size: 1CD
VirutalLab FUSION 7.6
<p>VirutalLab FUSION 7.6</p> <p><strong><i data-bm="46"><i>VirtualLab</i> <i>Fusion</i></i></strong><i data-bm="47"> <i>Discover</i> <i>a</i> <i class="01">unique</i> <i>optical</i..
Language: english Update:2021-02-05Size: 1CD
Qform 9.0
<p>Qform 9.0</p> <p><b>QForm</b> software can simulate most metal forming processes including: cold and hot forging, open die forging, ring and wheel rolling, reducer rolling, cr..
Language: english Update:2021-02-05Size: 1DVD
SARscape 5.5.3
<p>SARscape 5.5.3</p> <p><span style="left: 130.44px; top: 212.823px; font-size: 21.6px; font-family: sans-serif; transform: scaleX(0.937819);">What&rsquo;s new</span></p> <p><span..
Language: english Update:2021-02-04Size: 1DVD
Schlumberger PIPESIM 2020
<p><span style="color:#484848 ">Schlumberger PIPESIM 2020</span></p> <p>Fit-for-purpose modern production systems ensure that fluids are cost-effectively transported with the high..
Language: english Update:2021-02-03Size: 1DVD
AnyLogic Professional 8.7
<h1 id="subject_tpc" class="read_h1">AnyLogic Professional 8.7</h1> <p>AnyLogic provides a single platform for all your business&rsquo; dynamic simulation modeling needs. Forget a..
Language: english Update:2021-02-03Size: 1CD
Visual Modflow Flex 7.0
<p>Visual Modflow Flex 7.0</p> <p class="p_Normal">Visual MODFLOW (VMOD) Flex is a powerful software package that provides the tools for building three-dimensional groundwater co..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1CD
Schlumberger Symmetry 2020.4
<p><span style="font-family: 瀹嬩綋"><font size="2" face="宋体">Schlumberger Symmetry 2020.4 </font></span></p> <p>Symmetry 2020.4 is an update release incorporating new features a..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1DVD
OkMap 15.4
<p>OkMap 15.4</p> <p><br /> What new:<br /> New map context menu: Generate.<br /> New map context menu: Coordinates - Show compass.<br /> File Manager: Added project management men..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1CD
HOMER Pro 3.14.2
<h1 id="subject_tpc" class="read_h1">HOMER Pro 3.14.2</h1> <p><span style="color:#303640 ">HOMER Pro is one of the best specialized software for designing microgrid networks power..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1CD
Altair EDEM Professional 2021
<h1 id="subject_tpc" class="read_h1">Altair EDEM Professional 2021</h1> <p>This is the market-leading software for bulk material simulation. Powered by state-of-the-art Discrete E..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1DVD
RoboDK 5.2
<p>RoboDK 5.2 </p> <p> </p> <p>RoboDK is a powerful and cost-effective simulator for industrial robots and robot programming. RoboDK&rsquo;s simulation and offline programming to..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1CD
Dhi Mike zero 2021
<p>Dhi Mike zero 2021</p> <p> </p> <p><i data-bm="38"><i class="01">For</i> 25 <i class="01">years</i>, </i><strong><i data-bm="39"><i class="01">MIKE</i></i></strong><i data-bm="4..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1DVD
Bentley MXROAD V8i v08.11.09.907
<p>Bentley MXROAD V8i v08.11.09.907</p> <p>Bentley is pleased to announce MXROAD V8i (SELECTseries 10) version This release provides new flexibility for organizatio..
Language: english Update:2021-02-01Size: 1DVD
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