Rocscience Slide3 2019


Rocscience Slide3 2019

What's New in Slide3 2019

Geometry Repair Tool

This tool enables users to fix defects in imported geometry directly in Slide3.

Collapse Small Volumes

A new Collapse Small Volumes function has been added to allow users to identify and collapse small volumes in the geometry.

Fully Integrated Multi-Section Analysis with Slide2

The addition of a new Section tool enables 2D analysis of multiple planar sections of a 3D model via a single automated process. Slices are packaged into a single file and the Slide2 computing engine is automatically invoked to perform a 2D analysis. Results are read back into Slide3, and the global minimum surfaces and factors of safety are displayed in 3D.

New Wedge Shape Slip Surface

A new slip surface type has been added to enable searching for wedge-shaped failure surfaces using the Cuckoo or Particle Swarm search method. This option enables the handling of a range of block-shape slip surfaces that previous versions couldn’t address using the simple Multi-Surface type.

Model Creation

The geometry for a Slide3 model can be created and edited in a variety of ways to help Slide3 integrate seamlessly with your current Slope Stability processes.

You can add geometry using the following tools:

  • Import/Export various file formats, including:
    • RS Geometry Object (*.rsgeomobj) Rocscience Geometry object file format)
    • OBJ Files (*.obj)
    • STL Files (*.stl; *.stlbin)
    • Autodesk Files (*.dxf; *.dwg)
    • STEP Files (*.step)
    • IGES Files (*.iges; *.igs)
    • TIN Files (*.tin)
    • ASC Files (*.asc)
    • XYZ Files (*.xyz)
  • Create External Geometry
  • Add Polylines
  • Add 3D Primitive Geometry, such as boxes, cylinders or cones
  • Create Surfaces from Selected geometry
  • Reconstruct Surface from Table values entered by the user
  • Extract Bounding Curve from surfaces
  • 2D Section Export for Slide2 to create a Slide2 file from a plane section of your Slide3 model
  • Planar Section Tool to extract polylines from geometry using a cutting plane

Users can also edit geometry shape by applying the following tools:

  • Extrude/Sweep/Loft operations to add depth dimensions
  • Transform operations such as translate and rotate
  • 3D Boolean operations to combine, remove or divide geometry


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