Kappa Emeraude v5.30.1.5


Kappa Emeraude v5.30.1.5

General Data

Open hole logs are loaded for depth matching purposes and to complement the cased hole log (CHL) interpretation. Also, a deviation survey is used quantitatively in PL interpretation and brings important qualitative information for the interpretation of other logs.

In addition to traditional Open hole (OH) logs, borehole images, Cement logs including CBL, VDL and Impedance maps and any other array data type, typically DLIS files, can be loaded to supplement the CHL analysis.

If saturation and porosity logs are also loaded, Emeraude will automatically create a track displaying the formation fluid volumes.

Load CHL Data

Passes and stationary data are loaded from LIS, DLIS, LAS and ASCII files.

Automatic tracks are built to give an instant view of the log data, whilst customized views can be created through the use of snapshots and templates, permitting fast navigation through the data.

Array data type can be loaded directly (DLIS files) or created at the loading stage from individual/multiple LAS or .csv files. This is the default data format for DTS, MFC and Noise data.

Define Reference Channels

The reference channels will be used to compute the PVT properties and also in the regression during zone rates calculation.

In Emeraude, pressure temperature and any relevant hold-up or density channel need to be defined. If more than one pass is selected, a lateral average will be applied.



Increasingly, wells are completed with fibre optic distributed temperature sensors (DTS). Even in a conventional PL job, the spinner may fail or give an erroneous response under certain circumstances such as counter current or high viscosities. If the thermal properties of the fluids, completion and formation are known it is possible to perform quantitative production or injection profiling.

Coupling energy and mass balance equations, Emeraude offers methods for production and injection profiling and annular leak detection. Also, Emeraude incorporates specific formulations for Water Injection Fall-off (warmback) and steam injection.

Due to the broad application and various types of models used in thermal/DTS data, a specific workflow was developed. Visit the Thermal page to learn more about thermal solutions in Emeraude and Rubis.



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