Advanced Simulation Technology Using sophisticated resolution techniques, Eldo Premier goes beyond the status quo to accelerate the transient simulation of large circuits both pre and post-layout without sacrificing accuracy. Producing the same "golden" results as Mentor's industry leading SPICE simulator, Eldo Classic. Optimized for Single and Multi-Threaded Application The acceleration of single-thread simulation is provided by new algebraic techniques for the resolution of the system of non-linear differential equations that analog simulators must solve. The acceleration of multi-threaded simulations is a consequence of the natively parallel code of the new Eldo Premier simulation kernel and its dedicated data structures. These two acceleration factors naturally combine to offer a very significant speed-up over Eldo Classic. Dramatically Improve Design Team Productivity Boosting performance over standard analog simulation can help in two ways. Critically important simulations that historically took a very long time to run, many times days or even weeks, can now be performed significantly faster (from 2.5x to 20x faster). Improve Reliability and Yield The raw simulation power of Eldo Premier can be used to run many more corners or operating conditions, providing design teams with the means to verify designs and/or analog IP blocks much more thoroughly. This can significantly improve the confidence in the design or IP before tapeout, with the goal of eliminating silicon re-spins, and improving manufacturing yield. Target Applications The new Eldo Premier simulator is optimized for applications that require CPU-intensive transient simulations, such as PLLs and DLLs, frequency synthesizers, delta-sigma converters, ADC/DAC audio and video converters, automotive circuits, DC-DC converters, regulators, power management circuits, memory critical paths analysis and TFTs. Key Features and Benefits Reliability Eldo Premier produces the same industry proven, golden, SPICE accurate results as Eldo Classic. Performance Eldo Premier offers a 2.5x to 20x speed-up over traditional SPICE simulators. Easy-to-Use/Adopt With the same use model as Eldo Classic, Eldo Premier can easily be integrated into an existing customer signoff flow. Capacity Eldo Premier has 10x the capacity of traditional SPICE simulators. Scalability The natively parallel code improves performance on multi-core machines. Superior Support The only 5-star support in EDA.


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