incam 4.3.228


incam 4.3.228

InCAM is a comprehensive CAM system that performs fast, high-precision CAM tooling. Easy to use, InCAM® offers improved CAM productivity and advanced data integrity and fault indication in a collaborative work environment.

  • Fast, high-precision CAM tooling
  • Improved data integrity and fault indication
  • Collaborative and secure work environment
  • Streamlined user interface, easy-to-use tools
  • Dedicated DFM and analysis tools for HDI boards
  • Dedicated cleanup and analysis tools for IC packaging boards
  • 64-Bit technology, multi-core CPU CAM

Fast, high-precision CAM tooling

Achieve results fast with Check & Fix tools, background processing and system-wide automation. Run global repairs on any layer and undo or rerun selected repairs with new parameters while other tasks run in the background, using the computer’s multi-core CPU capabilities.

Improved data integrity and fault indication

Find out how InCAM® can help you manage and protect job data:

  • Respond to warnings using ASCII-to-graphic synchronization at Input and Output.
  • Use InCAM®’s libraries to standardize company practices and reduce errors.
  • Avoid scrap using Netlist Compare to locate problems and errors.
  • Use cleanup tools to optimize input data for analysis.
  • Follow the CAM Guide to ensure tasks are performed in the right orde


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