Ticra grasp 10.3


Ticra grasp 10.3 Features Wizard allows easy definition of single and dual reflector geometries Near-field and far-field calculations of vector fields Component library for common geometries, e.g. conic surfaces, general quadrics, radomes, panels, rectangular and circular struts Import of general reflector shapes from file Numerous and general reflector rim definitions Component library of mathematical feed models Import of general feed definitions from file and expansion in spherical modes Values Accurate analysis of reflectors Reliable results Increased productivity through efficient project file handling Easy to import feed data from other software vendors or test ranges Possibility for add-on modules Quick setup of complicated geometry Analysis and design of reflector antenna systems Dedicated software for reflector systems, enabling fast and accurate analysis and design of the most advanced reflector antenna systems. Multiple antennas may be defined within the same project, and the general command structure enables the user to define which of those will be considered during a given analysis. This opens for the possibility of making advanced scattering analysis of clusters of antennas. GRASP offers an advanced PO algorithm as the baseline analysis method, supplemented by optional GTD and Moment Method solvers for advanced applications


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