PSCAD 4.6.3



PSCAD 4.6.3
1. Windows 10 Support: Windows 10, along with Windows 7, is now officially supported in v4.6.3
Deficiency Fixes:
1. Component Licensing: Component licensing allows users to restrict the use of their custom
EMTDC component models, to selected clients, via certificate licensing. As such, a custom model
can be freely distributed to clients, perhaps even made available for download, but the actual
usage of that component in an EMTDC simulation is blocked, unless the client’s certificate
license enables its use.
The source code, corresponding to a specific custom component, must be modified to include a
call to a special licensing function, which is available by request as part of a static library called
ComponentLicensing.lib. Once the source code is modified, the source must be compiled and
bound to the ComponentLicensing.lib file, producing a single static library (*.lib) file. This file is
then distributed as a resource file, along with the custom component. As such, usage of the
component will be restricted, unless the client’s certificate license is set to enable usage of that

Bug Fixes:
1. When the lock graph markers function is enabled, the time difference between locked markers
is now properly reset when either the X and/or O markers are moved. Previously the markers
would snap back to their previous locked difference, following a marker move (#6603).
2. A dimension mismatch false positive will no longer occur when a measured signal from a meter
is sent directly to a module input parameter, without adding a data label to the page. The PSCAD
compiler was setting the measured signal dimension to ‘1’ (the default), regardless of what it
was connected to in this situation (#6615).
3. Fixed inconsistencies in the context menu, associated with the schematic branch of the project
definitions tree (#6636).
4. Online control signals (ex. from sliders) are now passed properly to non-tracer volley runs.
When the trace affinity is set greater than or equal to 1, modification of online control settings
will affect all volley runs. When trace affinity is set to 0, changes to online control settings are
ignored completely (#6264).
5. The #VERBATIM directive is now supported when used within the #BEGIN/#ENDBEGIN directives

6. PSCAD now recovers properly if a task crashes during an Intelligent Parallel Multiple Run (PMR-I)
(formerly Root Control) simulation (#5848).
7. The order in which graphs appear in graph panels, and the order in which control interfaces
appear in control panels, is now properly saved with the project (#6617).
8. Redundant search results no longer appear in the search results link list. Previously, a search
result was displayed for both the definition and the instance view of a particular schematic. Now
only the instance-based results are shown (unless the module has no instances) (#6166).
9. Simulation set task names no longer get corrupted in a project namespace name is modified
10. Component definition graphics canvas objects that exist outside the viewable graphics canvas
area are now moved into the viewable area on edit of the component definition (#6546).
11. Wire compose pathways feature no longer deletes polywire segments when composing more
than one polywire simultaneously (#6580).
12. Initialization of the feedback loop selector (zminusone) Master Library component now
functions properly (#2876).
13. PSCAD no longer freezes upon invoking the Detailed Output Viewer for some transmission
lines or cables (#6687).
14. Import/export tags and xnodes are no longer processed when they are part of a disabled layer
15. A substitution, based on an electrical port, is now supported when that substitution is requested
inside the #BEGIN/#ENDBEGIN directive block (#6332).
16. Polygraph hotkeys (ex. ‘y’) now function properly (#6577).
17. Virtual wires will now properly identify and display feedback loop signals (#6370).
18. The XY Plot curve drawing has been optimized for speed. In previous versions, PSCAD could
sometimes become overwhelmed when large amounts of plotted data appeared in the XY
Plot, leading to poor graphical performance (#6697).
19. The compose pathways feature for wires now works properly (#6729).
20. A specific crash point, which occurs when saving a case project with corrupt data, is fixed
21. Graph x-axis properties are now saved to the project properly when adjusted through the x-axis
properties dialog (#6550/#6529).
22. Graph zoom levels are now cached properly, and no longer change when navigating about the
project. Zoom levels are now also saved consistently with the project (#6725/6732/#6529).
23. Unit-less global substitutions are now handled properly when importing older v4.2.1 projects
into v4.6 (#6719).
24. A canvas size setting issue when importing older case projects has been fixed. In some instances,
canvas sizes would revert to the default A-size with portrait orientation (#6731).
25. The alien-end configuration for the Parallel Network Interface (PNI) is now working properly



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