Cast-Designer 6.9


Cast-Designer is a software package special designed for casting business, includes the casting part design and evaluation, mould design and validation and production optimization. Cast-Designer combined the KBE system, design system and last CAE technology together; it is a tailor-designer casting planning & simulation system for all casting process. Cast-Designer could be used for high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, gravity casting for sand, gravity casting for permanent mould, investment casting and many others. Cast-Designer DFM: Part Base Anylysis DFM Analysis for Casting Part To Assist Gravity Casting Design Part Base Stress & Distortion Analysis CAST-DESIGNER for Die Casting Gating System Design (HPDC) One Button Gating Design (HPDC) CPI Simulation for HPDC Work Flow of CAST-DESIGNER CPI CAST-DESIGNER for Gravity Casting DFM for Riser & Core Design Gating System Design (Gravity) One Button Gating Design (Gravity) CPI Simulation for Gravity Work Flow of CAST-DESIGNER CPI (Gravity) Support Casting Process CAST-DESIGNER for Investment Casting Cooling System Design Full Mould Analysis Stress & Distortion Analysis Production Optimization Full Chain Simulation CAST-DESIGNER in MCAD Form-Advisor Form-Advisor Overview Stamping Process Works Upfront Analysis PowerView Form-Advisor Professional Advance Analysis


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