AnyCasting 6.3


AnyCasting 6.3 AnyCasting™ is professional software for casting analysis which makes predictions possible on molten metal filing and solidification during the casting process. It was autonomously developed through know-how for the last ten years. Thanks to its process-oriented design, even though users are not numerical experts, they can analyze their target casting processes confidently. Currently AnyCastingTM can be applied to the analysis of all the processes like sand mold, low and high pressure Die-casting, tilting casting type, investment casting and the like, and it can predict all the troubleshooting during the process more quickly and more accurately. Its construction consists of a screen composition and menu based on Window OS which helps the user set the condition to get the desired result. Furthermore its penGL mode provides a live screen. Its DB maintains and provides properties of various materials. So long as user only selects a material, DB will provide those properties. AnyCastingTM, which pursues to be a comprehensive solution company, will contribute greatly in providing users technological superiority and better product competitiveness.


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