CNC Software, Inc. is proud to introduce Mastercam?for SolidWorks? which combines the world抯 leading modeling software with the world抯 most widely-used CAM software*. Now you can program parts directly in SolidWorks, using toolpaths and machining strategies preferred the most by shops around the world. Mastercam for SolidWorks includes a suite of the most sought-after cutting strategies, including High Speed Machining (HSM) toolpaths. In addition, Mastercam for SolidWorks delivers a powerful set of automated toolpaths that get parts off the machine faster, with little or no handwork. LINEZER0 ISO DIVISION Num. Disks : xx/36 OS : WinALL Nfo Time : 21:02:39.5312500 Rel Type : Application Cracker : Team Lz0 Archive : lz0*.zip Packer : Team Lz0 Rating : 9/10 [##### Supplier : Team Lz0 Language : English Protection : Hasp Requirements : SolidWorks 2008-2010 x32 Publisher URL : Publisher : CNC Software ( ) Keyfile / License ( ) Emulator ( ) Patch ( ) Serial (x) Cracked .EXE / .DLL ( ) Retail ( ) Keygen ( ) Trainer 懿? ( ) Loader ( ) Other


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