Cgtech Vericut v7.1.1


VERICUT software simulates CNC machining in order to detect errors, potential collisions, or areas of inefficiency. VERICUT enables NC programmers to correct errors before the program is ever loaded on the machine, thereby eliminating manual prove-outs. VERICUT also optimizes NC program cutting speeds for more efficient machining — even VERICUT Machine Simulation software supports G-codes and · Multi-axis support for milling, drilling, turning, grinding & EDM machines · Simultaneous mill/turn on different spindles and workpieces · Machines with multiple synchronized CNC controls. · Auxiliary attachments: tail stock, steady rests, part catchers, bar pullers, etc. · Automatic workpiece transfer to pick-off or sub-spindles Prevent CNC machine collisions and near-misses Check CNC machine capabilities and reduce the time it takes to implement a new machine Show machinists what to expect from new programs Improve process efficiency Increase shop safety Enhance presentations and documentation with AVI simulations Train without using production time (or risking a crash) Example VERICUT Machine Configurations (VMCs) are included with the software. These can be used directly in VERICUT or, can be used as a starting point to configure VMC’s of your exact machines. STL and other CAD model formats can be used to represent machine components, or they can be directly modeled in VERICUT. A simple "tree" feature makes it easy to connect the pieces and create the kinematics of the machine.


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